Tearle (a.k.a. T-Real), founder of Undertones, has been staking his claim as one of Seattle's hottest, now Miami’s upcoming DJs with his endless house grooves and chunky beats that he is accustomed to playing when he graces the decks.
Tearle Eide was born in Portland, Oregon on July 14, 1979. A Pacific Northwest native since, Tearle has naturally enjoyed the outdoors with hobbies like snowboarding and dirt biking, but it was his “inside” hobby (and being a band geek) of playing the clarinet for over ten years that sparked his interest in music.

Moving from Seattle, and now a Miami resident and DJ for the past 6 years; T-Real has comfortably made this locale his stomping ground by DJing outdoor parties at the base of Mt. Hood to DJing to crowded floors in Seattle's top clubs and swankiest of restaurant/lounges. Tearle has DJ’ed for such venues as Last Supper Club, Mantra, Contour, Bonzai Bistro, Axis, Toi, and Nectar. Under his belt, he also has notable parties like "Housewarming," "GeT SAKe'D/ Naked Sushi," and "Nightcap". He can be found combing the streets of Miami and south beach, with his funky soulful sound!
With the recent launch of Undertones, you will most likely see Tearle dedicated to the studio, and to the production of his music. Watch for these upcoming house releases that are sure to develop Undertones "sound" nationally! circa 2004 by cheresa nemitz

Favorite DJs:
Mark Farina
Chris Lum
Favorite Producers:
Inland Knights
Swirl People
Fred Everything
Top 3 Labels in Heavy Rotation:
First DJ Gig:
“Prove the Love,” Moscow, ID
Opened for Joey Mizola &
David Garcia
The Record that Never Leaves
His Crate:
“Come over to my Place,”
Roots & Wings